6 quizzes para testar seus conhecimentos sobre o futebol brasileiro


One of the most fun things for football fans is to test their memory of past teams and players. In this sense, the interactive online version of the challenges we make with friends at the bar table goes by the name of Sporcle , a tool for creating quizzes on just about anything is the gift for 13 year old girls.

Below, we selected some tests on Brazilian football created by members of the Alternative Football community on Facebook , in which we also participate. To play, just click on the green “PLAY” button and type the answer in the respective spaces, all within the few minutes stipulated in the counter that appears in the right corner of the test.

So, can you do it? Ah! Just don’t forget to tell us in the comments your results and test suggestions created or discovered by you, ok?


Paulista A-1 Series Teams (2000-2017), by Emanuel Colombari [/ symple_highlight]

Professional teams from Minas Gerais, by Vitor Dias [/ symple_highlight]

Teams of the Gaucho Championship since 1961, by Régis Nazzi [/ symple_highlight]

Teams of the Santa Catarina Championship since 1969, by Lucas Gabriel [/ symple_highlight]

Players from nine alternative teams, by Breno Moura [/ symple_highlight]

Brazilian players at the 2014 World Cup, by Guilherme Sousa [/ symple_highlight]